One of the World Youth and Student Festivals was held in Sochi 

15.11.17 09:19 By KaliteliNET

As soon as Russia descends to Sochi, a charming Black Sea city, the whole city bumps into the air of the festival. The energetic and friendly approach of the volunteers who meet you at the airport is the first thing to warm you up despite the cold weather. This festival, which has been a great platform for expressing itself in different cultures from many parts of the world for a week, is becoming a kind of gigantic show space.

The 19th World Youth and Student Festival in Sochi, Russia, where 25,000 participants from 180 countries arrived, this city turned into a carnival for a week. In this environment where cultural, artistic, technological presentations have a chance to express themselves, it is revealed what the young people of the world can do. Competitions, colorful passages, fairs, seminars, and lectures were given during the festival. In addition to the platforms on which young people's problems are discussed, the festival, which cultural workshops contribute to, is noteworthy.

During the festival, there is no turmoil and no chaotic incident, compared to the one where the spectacular detail is so genius. Aside from the fact that the security measures are intensely felt, young people also feel that they are very well controlled. Despite the multitude of political platforms, there is a fundamental order.

Another noteworthy aspect is that volunteers participating in the event are doing very well. Despite the cold weather, those who wait for hours and never lose their smiles will be deserved of the greatest blessings during the festival.
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