Application Form 

Young people who meet the conditions can fill in the application form on our website and make their first application. It is extremely important that the form is completely filled out. Because according to the evaluation made through this form, the candidate can be accepted as an intern. 

Assessment of First Application 

Application forms are assessed by the internship office. 


Applicants who are deemed eligible are invited to an interview. According to interview result the candidate is accepted to the program. 


Students admitted to the internship program are taken to the orientation program. 


After the orientation training, the candidates are placed in the institution where they will have their internship. 


During the internship, a mentor is assigned to guide the student at all stages. The mentor maintains relations between the Internship Office, intern and institutions, and follows up the reporting.


  • The international students who continue to study in Turkey 
  • The international bachelor students who are junior and senior 
  • The international students who are still post graduate or still doctorate 
  • Those who know Turkish or English at least at the level of B1 
  • Those who know Arabic or French at least at the level of B1 
  • Those candidates who are willing to improve themselves and are open to career opportunities 
  • Under 30 years old will be preferably evaluated within the scope  of OIC  Intern  International Internship Program. 
  • Those who will be directed to certain institutions as interns with  the OIC  Intern International 
  • Internship Program, which will be starting in January 2018 are  obliged to attendthe Orientation Training. 
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